Rehau - Raupiano plus - Sound proof sewer system

Universal sound-insulating sewer pipe system for non-pressurised site drainage in accordance with DIN EN 12056, DIN EN 752 and DIN 1986-100.

RAUPIANO PLUS is available in nominal sizes from DN 40 to DN 200.

  • Excellent sound-insulation properties
  • Mineral filled material for pipes and fitting to reduce air-borne noise
  • Partially thickened walls for bend fittings to improve air-borne sound insulation
  • Special sound-dampening bracket to reduce transmisson of structureborne noise
  • Fast and easy installation
  • The joint is designed to absorb any thermal expansion
  • Pipes and fittings come with built-in sockets, no double socket is required for jointing
  • Green material, non-toxic material without halogen
  • Test as per DIN EN 14366, test reports from the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics:
P-BA 6/2006 with support attachment Max. 17 dB(A) at 4 L/s
P-BA 176/2006 with standard clamp Max. 24 dB(A) at 4 L/s
  • Approval/ quality mark: Deutsches Institut fur Bautechnik (DIBt)
  • Brand: Raupiano plus
  • Origin: Germany
  • Color: White