The Main benefits of MPI PPR pipe system are:

  • Long service Life.
  • Resistance to corrosion.
  • Higher resistance to internal pressure.
  • Taste and odor neutral.
  • Hygienic and meets health requirements for water contact application.
  • Good chemical resistance.
  • Low thermal conductivity.
  • Non toxic.
  • Lower weight & Excellent Weld-ability & Easy installation.
  • Vibration and noise reduction.
  • Low fow resistance.
  • Higher impact strength.

The MPI PPR pipe system is developed and manufactured within an ISO 9001 quality assurance system and complies with the DIN 8077/8078 and EN ISO 15874 standards.

Standard Pipe: Standard Pipe is the conventional mono layer pipe as mentioned in the standards DIN 8077/8078 and EN ISO 15874. PP-R pipe from 20 mm to 160 mm in SDR 6 & SDR 7.4 PP-RCT pipe from 20 mm to 160 mm in SDR 7.4, 20 mm to 110 mm in SDR 9 & 160 mm in SDR 11. Thermal expansion factor 0.15 mm /m /m.K

Fiber Pipe: Fiber pipe is a three layer pipe of which the middle layer is reinforced with glass fber flled PP-R material. The outer& inner layer of the pipe is of normal PP-R material.PP-R / PP-R GF / PP-R pipe from 20 mm to 160 mm inSDR 6 & SDR 7.4